Strategies to set up a Beauty Parlour

One of the secrets of any business’s success is the commercial point. Having great service, excellent professionals and great products is not enough, if the location of your trade is not adequate. The point of your salon can represent up to 50% of the success of your business. The other half of the success is done by the beauty salon management.

Many fashion beauty parlour entrepreneurs make the mistake of finding, for example, that just the street is busy to secure many patrons. Others think it best to stay away from a stronger competitor. “People need to change and, fatally, they would one day enter my store,” summed up the strategy, which was so certain that it is not necessary to explain.

Keep an Eye on the Street

You need to do a location search. To say that the busy street is the best place can be hasty. For some ventures it certainly is; for others, not so much. If your potential client is of high purchasing power, for example, it will not be interesting to be in busy streets.

Another care to be taken is with the fact that too much movement can mean lack of time for observation. The analysis of the movement must be done at different days and times. Check the habits of those who transit and if the times of movement coincide with the use of their service. Stay away from poorly lit parks and squares, customer safety is very important.

Up the street side is important. Prefer the side where the shade is in the afternoon. Some businesses do more right if they are in the consumer’s convenient hand. A bakery, for example, has more prospects in the center-neighborhood sense.

Availability of Venues for the opening of the Hall

The region may be ideal for your business, but there may be no availability of real estate. Sometimes they are non-existent and, when they exist, the values ​​for the point are proportionally too high for the entrepreneur’s capital, which would make the business impracticable.

In situations like this, the most appropriate solution is to go to neighborhoods, small shopping centers and regional shopping centers, where analysis and, as always, should be careful.

Market Potential

The point also depends on the market that is around you. It is necessary to draw a profile of the potential consumer, taking into account items such as income, number of cars per inhabitant, collection of ICMS and residential and commercial styles, among others. In other words, you have to make sure that your prospective client actually goes through that location.

Types of Services and Work System

Each location, neighborhood or city has specific needs that you can explore at your point of business.